My Klemis Food Distribution App


Klemis Kitchen serves as a food pantry for Georgia Tech students with dietary needs and financial concerns that limit their access to proper nourishment. They provide surplus food from the dining halls, Panera Bread as well as canned donations from other sources.

Prior to the start of our project, KLemis Kitchen lacked a formal system that would be able to accommodate larger demands from students. At the same time, a large number of food insecure students were unaware of this on-campus resource resulting in food supply in Klemis Kitchen being higher than the demand. Our aim with this project was to design a system for Klemis Kitchen that would streamline the process of getting food from donors to students and sustain their growth in the future.

Project Timeline
Oct - Dec 2019
10 weeks

Collaborating Department(s)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof Jon Sanford

UX Designer

Special Thanks to
Teammates - Ramsey Lehman, Morgan Platt, Hannah Ranieri, Brittany Ritter, Mohammad Soudachi, Swaraj Agarwal
Georgia Tech - Steve Fazenbaker


How can we create a scalable, streamlined system for getting food from donor to students and eliminate uncertainty regarding food supply?


Keep students up-to-date on food supply organized by location and availability schedules.

(Georgia Tech has adopted My Klemis app for further development!)

Browse by Location

Allow students to easily look for food in various Klemis Kitchen locations across campus

Browse Inventory
Easily find out what foods are available in each Klemis Kitchen location across campus

Check In This Location
Students can check in when they physically arrive at the location so they can begin checking out food items

Scanning and Mobile Checkout

Item Check out Process
Students can checkout items using photo recognition for their convenience or use the search button on the top

Item Details
Students are also able to see item count and how often this item is available in the pantry

View Delivery Schedule

donations to Klemis mostly come on a weekly basis, so a tentative schedule can be made available for students

Daily and Calendar Views
Students can look out for new deliveries that are immediately available and anticipate future deliveries weeks ahead

Student & Staff Community

Students can send feedback to staff, chat with fellow students and staff within the app itself

Announcement & Feedback
Staff members can notify students of any events or important announcements and receive feedback from students via the app

Students are free to chat with fellow students and staff within the app to get support from their peers.

Process deck coming soon!