Redefining Listee's Digital Experience


Listee is a tech startup that provides digital tools for tailored pre-order food businesses. They offer a variety of capabilities ranging from a virtual store setup, order management dashboard, and customizable e-receipts to send to customers. Listee's product has done a huge favor for customers by eliminating the need for manual work in opening pre-order slots and staying on top of their orders using excel sheets, however, the old digital experience did not do justice for the value of their product.

As Listee's first UX designer, I was blessed with the opportunity to do an overhaul of Listee's landing page, product, and external store and extended a winter internship to continue part-time in the spring. It was definitely a huge undertaking and I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without my wonderful teammates and the positive environment at Listee.

Employment Timeline
Nov '20 - Present


UX Designer

Special Thanks to
Teammates - Gideon Setiawan, Marcel Christian, Obed Tandadjaja, Melvin Yuwono


Listee's digital experience needed to do more justice for their product capabilities.

Visual inconsistencies, long forms, along with many other issues discouraged potential users.


Landing Page

Empathize with users
Show Listee's product features that are relevant to each stage of the pre-order business cycle

Real-life Examples
Emphasize product value by showing real-life success stories

Encourage Interaction
Encourage user engagement by adding useful links to Listee's tutorials and blog


Easy Step-by-step Setup
Let users finish setting up before moving on to the dashboard

Buttons are disabled if users haven't filled in required fields, and they can always save their info and finish later

Information Architecture

Simplified hierarchy of information resulting in a better defined flow. Users are prompted to fill out information about their business, before defining order time slots, then adding menu items, etc.

Using the new hierarchy, we are also able to accommodate the newly implemented delivery planning feature and other future implementations.


Replace Data Tables
In place of table rows, we added nested components with a clear visual hierarchy for easier viewing. This layout also allows the dashboard to be responsive.


Allow users to fulfill check off individual menu items instead of just entire orders for easier progress tracking.

Virtual Store Checkout

We utilize white space on the right side for a collapsible cart that acts as feedback for the customer when adding items to checkout.

To prevent miscommunicatinos with delivery fee, distinction between order total and delivery fee is made very clear in the receipt.

There's more coming soon!

In the meantime, feel free check out our live site and maybe try out the product f you happen to own a pre-order based food business. Thanks Listee for keeping me busy over winter break!