Internship @ OneTrust


Summer 2020, I worked remotely for OneTrust as sole UX Design intern. I was so thrilled to have been granted the opportunity to work in a team that helped the company become the #1 fastest growing company in the U.S., especially during the pandemic! Going in the program, I was definitely not familiar with the data privacy industry, let alone designing for it, so the knowledge and experience I've gained during the 10-week course was priceless.

Employment Timeline
June - August 2020
10 weeks


JJ Zhao
Brett Curtis

UX Designer

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the course of the internship, my responsibilities included redesigning one of OneTrust's data mapping visualization tools, assist in creating task flows for an email template builder, and creating cookie banner mockups to present to B2B prospects.

I cannot share specifics on the projects as they are under NDA, however, here are some things I learned.

Different Stakeholders in B2B

While doing my research for the data map feature I narrowed down into 2 main user personas who work in a company that uses OneTrust's privacy suite.

As I presented my ideas in meetings, I realized it was also important for me to take into account stakeholders within OneTrust itself. I needed to think about not just the user goals but also the company goals.

In result, the end product was not only a more useful and navigable data map, but also a foot-in-the-door for our sales engineers to introduce other new features.

How a Feature Contributes to the Software as a Whole

Instead of pigeon-holing myself into the feature I was assigned to work on, I learned to consider how the feature is inter-connected with the other features within the product.

The biggest takeaway for me was to take a step back to think about why a feature is valuable and why it needs to exist in the first place before tackling edge cases.

I later found from my interviews that reporting was an overlooked use case related to the data map, even though the data map was not part of the reporting module and got positive feedback for this idea.

Attention to Details

Unlike previous projects where I had to come up with a variety of concepts, during most of my internship I needed to really think about many edge cases and foresee how clients might use the product.

Most of our mockups were based on task flows, and in placing components within a screen I had to consider which actions belong to which area in the screen or which part in the information architecture.

Importance of Communication

A lot of the challenges I faced during the internship did not have anything to do with design. I learned how important it was to make sure everyone was on the same page, for example, at one point, I had to momentarily stop working on a feature to realign project requirements with PMs.

Given the remote working situation, I tried my best to communicate and interact with everyone I was working with. Luckily, I was blessed to have wonderful mentors and co-workers who gave me guidance (and super fast response times!)

Final Thoughts

Overall, I truly enjoyed the time I had in OneTrust! I grew a lot as a designer and learned how to take ownership for my work in a fast-paced environment. Thank you OneTrust for a great summer!

To learn more about what I did at OneTrust, feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn. I would be happy to have a conversation with you about my process!